What people who live outdoors have to say:

Andrea Haas from Huntress View says -
" The Thermal Relief Lotion is my personal favorite from this line! I have issues keeping my toes and fingers warm and this product honestly REALLY works! Apply to your ears, hands, feet and core before heading out. It works best under gloves, socks or a hat.  This does have a scent so I don't recommend this for hunting whitetail. On my upland and waterfowl hunts I paired this with my gloves. I found that with this product, I really didn't even need to use my Hot Hands keep my hands warm. They were comfortably warm throughout my entire hunt, even when the temperature was in the 20's!" -www.huntressview.com 


 Kyle from Colorado says " I catch fish every month of the year without ice fishing in northwest Colorado. I don't care that the label is pink, I care if it works. I put the Thermal Relief Lotion under my socks in the morning, and I use the X-treme Cream on my cracked, dry, fishing hands when I get home." 



Lauren Hill, Founder of ReelCamoGirl says "One of my favorite products is the Carefree Cleanser. This cleanser found more dirt after i used Neutrogena facial towels & Sephora cleanser. NOW THAT'S CLEAN!" And I love that it is a water-less way to clean and freshen up. Follow @reelcamogirl 



Jessalyn Newell from Newell Custom Calls and Team Reel Camo Girl says- "Love using the Thermal Relief Lotion on my hands and feet. It makes the chilly morning hunts bearable! I'm still in disbelief that it worked so well. It keeps my hands and feet warm for 5 hrs. I am the only one not complaining of the cold. I will definitely be making another purchase before the upcoming season."


     Marianne from Colorado says " I Love that no matter where I am - in the outdoors, away from home traveling, or at home, I can clean my skin with the Carefree Cleanser and have it feel soft and clean, and its nice to know that I'm putting good, clean and healthy products on it. The added bonus - not having to use cold water or waiting for the water to get warm. Love this product as well as the Conqueror Cream with tint. What an awesome combo.


    Bozeman Montana's, Damsel Fly Fishing says"The Thermal Relief Lotion is a MUST-HAVE for all you hardcore anglers! I put the thermal on my feet before my waders, and it helps me stand in the river longer without getting frozen toes" 


     Cory says- " I am a Alaska Kenai river guide in the summer, and a ski instructor in the winter.  I am outside everyday, and I am definitely not a girly girl. I love the Conqueror Cream with natural sun guard oils in it, I put it on every morning. It is now fall, and I am already using the Therma Relief Lotion on my hands and feet. I love the Thermal Lotion for skiing, I used to use hand warmers but this is much more eco friendly. And the X-treme Cream is awesome for my cracked hands, and my extremely dry wind blown facial skin, I use it every-night. I was always looking for "something thicker" and I have found it."

     Tarra Stoddard, Prois Hunting & Field Team Apparel, Reel Camo Girl,  2A Jewels Hunting team and NRA instructor says- "It was a bit cold this weekend but I put my  "Thermal Relief Lotion" on my hands (under my gloves) and stayed warm the entire time we were in the woods!" 


    @kaceebones says "Flats boat fishing is harsh. It's hard on your skin and the sun shows no remorse after it beats you up. Being a surfer and having been burned to a bloody crisp I know how important it is to wear sunscreen. Flats fishing is different, you're standing still with the deck of the boat acting as an accelerant. I burn and I burn fast. I'd like to think I look younger than my 30's and according to the girl who wouldn't sell me a beer the other day because " I didn't look old enough" , I'll say it's accurate. It's not because I haven't been protected though. Wearing full length clothes and making sure I have face protection. I hate wearing a buff, I'm always adjusting and messing with it. I wear this stuff from @cammiandco it's called Conquer Cream, it's nude colored so it rubs in nice. Today my face has a gentle sun kissed tone and is super soft. For all my surfer and flats fishing girls. This stuff is BOMB! Best part. It's ALL natural and has just a few ingredients. I love mine- especially if it's preserving my youth! Hah."


    "The Thermal Relief Lotion worked real good on my Alaska Moose Hunt." - James



    Yosemite National Park says " The Thermal Relief Lotion and Carefree Cleanser are our best-sellers at our ski shops. 



    @GirlswhohikeLA says- "Who needs makeup hiking or running errands?? OBSESSED with Conqueror Cream. I love the nude-tint its perfect. this is all I have been wearing for days, love the no-makeup look. "


    Jane says- " We Ice fish all winter, I love the Thermal Relief Lotion when I am sitting on the ice. The first time I wore it was my hunting trip to CO, I wore the Thermal Lotion for my elk hunt, it was -3' in November and I was thankful I had it on." I also love the X-treme Cream for my "scaly fishing hands" it is the only product that works for them.



    Jill says- " We fish lake Powell all summer, I put the Conqueror Cream on every morning. I love that I can wear it from the lake and to the marina. I really like that its made for sun and water reflection and IT WORKS! The dry dessert dries out my skin and lips so fast, this and the Carefree Cleanser and my tooth brush the only products I take with me, and the perfect 1 oz size when you are "living" on a 12 foot boat. I love that the Carefree Cleanser is rinse-less "GENIUS" !




    @earthgirllifestyle says -  " We are in LOVE, the X-treme Cream is our personal favorite, we love that Cammi and Co is Leaping Bunny Approved and this 100% organic cream is for real!" 


    Kacee Marie, Professional hunter and 20 years in the outdoors says- "  LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff, I'm telling you try it once and you will be hooked - check it out now ladies! If you want an all natural product from the US, check out Cammi and Company's Outdoor skincare at www.gwgclothing.com I have used this line for a month, and I am obsessed. I think my favorite is the water-less Carefree Cleanser, and the Thermal Lotion is a must have for cold days." - follow Kacee, professional hunter & owner of an outdoor camp for kids http://kaceebones.com/ born to hunt, 20 years in the outdoors.


     Amy says- " I rifle hunt and I do not leave the house without my Thermal lotion on. I  love the Thermal lotion for my hands and feet. I am usually always cold waiting for my animal to come in, but last winter I found I was actually able to take my gloves off and be ready to shoot." 

     Julie says - "After just one week of using all of the Cammi and Company adventure pack my esti said she saw a big difference in the pigment of my skin...she asked what I was doing different. I really love the X-treme Cream, you wake up in the morning and your skin is so soft and youthful."

    Beth says- " I loved it all. The X-treme cream is great. I've needed a face creme that actually moisturizes in this DRY climate ... My skin is so dry and sensitive that it reacts to most cremes. I think my skin really appreciates that it's all NATURAL and ORGANIC. I also love the tinted conquerer cream, I think the tint was perfect, and it's nice to have a natural sun protection with out all the nasty chemicals."

    Sarah says- " I do not go camping without my thermal relief lotion, i put it on and stay warm in the tent all night, I also love the Carefree Cleanser. I am a rock climber and I love to use the cleanser after a good sweaty climb. I also use the X-treme cream on my dry chalk hands ( I use it on my whole body). 

    Robert says- " I use the thermal relief lotion when I go fly fishing, i put it on my feet under my socks and waders. I also use the X-treme cream on my cracked fishing hands and dry summer cracked feet."

    Misty says "Love my conqueror cream ,that stuff is amazing . I've only done easy hiking with it., But I've loved it. The light oil scent is nice too.I did use it at the pool and it worked great"

    Margie says- " I teach paddleboard, and my feet were craked ugly mess, I bought the adventure enthusiast package at the OR show, the first time I used it my feet looked and felt better. I also love the conqueror cream and I put it on before I paddle anywhere. 

    Stacy says- " I love paddlesports, and I take @cammiandco everywhere I go. I use the Conqueror Cream for a nice glow and love how it works. I use the Carefree to cleanse away my sweat, and I love the X-treme cream its finally thick enough ( I could never find a thick enough cream for my dry sport-skin).

    Kait says- " I teach barre and I have had the opportunity to try out all the products, In 4 weeks time my skin looks absolutely wonderful. I love Cammi and Company skincare. I use the conqueror cream every-morning, and I use the carefree cleanser after every barre or yoga class, run, or bike ride. 

    Dawn says- " absolutely divine!  I live where the climate is extremely hot and humid, the sun is harsh, and I am nervous of  premature aging so I am careful. I will recommend this product to everyone I know as it's absolutely the best skincare product I have ever used! I love the thermal lotion, I use it every day I ski."

    Niki says- "I love the products (especially the winks + kisses eye cream) -I can see an improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. I look and feel younger. And my sister noticed the difference and now she is using it too." 

    Janey says- " I honestly noticed a difference after one Mountain Mud Masque.

    Kim says- " I own travel stores, the Carefree Cleanser is my best seller." 

    Esther says- " I own an outdoor store in CO, I offer hiking, fly-fishing, and yoga retreats; I started selling Cammi and Company sportswoman skincare and I can't keep it in stock." 

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